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Monumental “Dave” Edgefield Stoneware Jar

Born into slavery at the turn of the 19th century, Dave Drake (also known as Dave the Potter) learned the art of throwing, turning, and glazing pottery on the Abner Landrum plantation and later, on the Lewis Miles plantation in Edgefield, South Carolina. This district of South Carolina was one of the few areas in the United States to rely on...

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Moonlight and Fire: Opals at Auction

With its flash of color and pattern and a delicate and ethereal quality, the opal is a unique gemstone with no two stones alike. As October’s birthstone, we thought this the perfect time to show off some of the opal pieces we will present for auction this Fall. November 9th  Richmond, Virginia Auction  Lot 316 Lot 364 Lot 316 was custom designed...

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The Ivor Noël Hume Collection of Artifacts and Antiquities

The Ivor Noël Hume Collection showcases a fine collection of British stoneware, Delft tiles, fine British furniture, Roman iridescent glass bottles, an Edward Norris Brass Lantern Clock, and a portrait of King Charles II, after Peter Lely. This thoughtfully curated collection highlights excellent examples of material culture that spans period and...

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The Rising Star of Maud Gatewood

Long considered by art historians, curators, and collectors as one of the most important painters of North Carolina, Maud Gatewood was an extraordinary artist whose influence was as wide as her Caswell County roots were deep. Raised in Yanceyville, North Carolina, in the 1930s and 1940s, Gatewood first took art classes at Averett College while in...

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Maerten de Vos, The Annunciation coming to auction September 14

Maerten de Vos (or Marten, Flemish, 1532–1603) The Annunciation, signed on page of book at left "Vos", oil on canvas, 44-3/4 x 60 in.; 20th century parcel gilt and painted panel frame, 54-1/4 x 70 in. Lot 975 / Estimate: $100,000 - $150,000 / September 14, 2019   With its exquisitely detailed biblical scene, this important Maerten de Vos...

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