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Marguerite Loeb McBey: A Lifestyle Icon

Marguerite Loeb McBey was a well educated, well travelled, and captivating woman.   Born in Philadelphia, she was educated in Switzerland, at the Sorbonne, and the Ecole et Ateliers d’Art Décoratif in Paris.  After an impassioned liaison with Oskar Kokoschka, Marguerite married the love of her life, the Scottish artist James McBey.  Marguerite...

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The Asian Art Collection of General Walton H. Walker and General Sam S. Walker

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021–The Walker family served the United States Army and Military for over eight decades. Both father and son achieved the rank of Four Star General; the only time this has happened in United States history. Walton H. Walker first saw action in World War I, and served as a battalion commander with the 15 thInfantry Regiment from...

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Collection of Ray Olivier, Milledgeville, Georgia

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021–During the 1970s and 80s, Ray Olivier became passionate about researching, investigating, and acquiring Chinese earthenware and porcelains. Ray and his wife, Joyce, would travel far and wide to hunt down treasures and fill any gap in his collection. Upon Ray’s passing the Chinese Art collection was sold in its entirety to a new...

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