The Ivor Noël Hume Collection showcases a fine collection of British stoneware, Delft tiles, fine British furniture, Roman iridescent glass bottles, an Edward Norris Brass Lantern Clock, and a portrait of King Charles II, after Peter Lely. This thoughtfully curated collection highlights excellent examples of material culture that spans period and place, charting our course through time from ancient Egypt to early Modern England. With an exceptional intellect and artistic eye, Noël Hume gathered an extraordinary collection which Brunk Auctions is very pleased to offer at its inaugural Premier Richmond, Virginia auction on November 9th and its Premier Auction in Asheville on December 5-7th.

A leading archaeologist of his time, British born Ivor Noël Hume was the Chief Archaeologist and Director of the Department of Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg. His discovery of the foundations of Wolstenholme Towne, one of the earliest English colonial settlements in America, revealed new detail about 17th century colonists at both Wolstenholme Towne and the earlier Jamestown settlement. This remarkable discovery redefined the story of early colonial life in America.

Noël Hume’s understanding of social and economic history helped craft a rich, multidimensional perspective and practice, earning him the title “Father of Historical Archaeology.” His approach, scholarship, discoveries, and leadership at Colonial Williamsburg shaped not only our understanding of colonies and the clash of cultures, but also set the standard for the practice of this invaluable discipline.

Brunk Auctions is delighted to present for auction these fine examples of English, Continental, and Ancient art and objects from the collection of distinguished archaeologist, Ivor Noël Hume. View the full collection and join us in Richmond and Asheville for our Premier Auctions.