The Asian Art Collection of General Walton H. Walker and General Sam S. Walker

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021–The Walker family served the United States Army and Military for over eight decades. Both father and son achieved the rank of Four Star General; the only time this has happened in United States history. Walton H. Walker first saw action in World War I, and served as a battalion commander with the 15 th Infantry Regiment from 1930-1933 at the American barracks in Tietsin, China. It was at this point that he and his wife, Caroline, became avid collectors of Asian art, porcelains, furniture and textiles. The diverse collection encompasses Chinese, Japanese and Korean objects from years spent living abroad in service to the United States Military. Of note is a finely enameled famille rose and yellow ground vase with a Jiaqing reign mark, along with its original fitted cloth case. The collection will be sold in two sections, during our September 23 rd Asian Art sale and our January 2022 Asian Art sale.

After an illustrious career in World War II in the European theater, Walton Walker was given command of the 8 th Army in Japan in 1948. His son, Sam Walker and his wife, Charlotte, also served in Japan in the post war years. In 1950, both men served in Korea. Walton Walker is considered a pivotal figure in the defense and maintenance of the Republic of Korea, a distinction he achieved by leading his forces to successfully defend the southern end of the peninsula and its vital port of Pusan. Sam Walker earned the Silver Star and held the post of Secretary of the General Staff of the United Nations/US Forces of Korea. Among the collection are fine examples of Japanese and Korean art and furniture.

Brunk Auctions is honored to represent the collection of the Walker family, which has been in private hands for decades.

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