Charles Mason Blackmon was a collector of Asian art and objects. Born in Darlington, South Carolina at the beginning of the 20th century, he collected both at home and during his travels abroad. Throughout his many years of collecting, Charles curated a personal collection of fine jade, porcelain, bronzes, and other objects. Brunk Auctions brought a selection of this collection to market in their April 28th Asian Art Auction with great success, and is excited to offer the second grouping in their Asian Art Auction this August 18th, 2022.


Among the highlights of the collection sold in April were many examples of fine jade and hardstone carvings, including Lot 5, a Chinese Jade Seal With Dragons, which sold for $39,360; and Lot 11, a Chinese Jade Seal With Dragons, which sold for $36,900. A variety of porcelain vessels were represented, with Lot 33, a Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Jar standing out with a price realized of $29,520. Lot 26, a Chinese Bronze Censer Splashed Gold With Lid and Stand, was the highlight of the selection of bronze censers and statues, reaching a price of $29,520. Brunk is pleased to be offering another selection of jade carvings, toggles, seals, and other objects, a variety of jade, stone, and glass snuff bottles, and more from Charles’ collection in the August sale.


Charles began his collecting journey while in his sophomore year of college with the purchase of a cloisonne vase. He first kindled his appreciation for art during his time as a student at the College of Charleston. Following his graduation from Harvard in 1934, Charles’ interest in Asian art and cultures grew when he was stationed in Southern China and Myanmar (Burma) during World War II. His approach to collecting was thorough, as he believed that “determination in finding various objects and a knowledge of them” were important to building a well-rounded collection. He held a special interest in jade, and was known to carry jade objects he purchased in his pockets day to day, so as to familiarize himself with their quality and always have a reference with which to compare other specimens.


In 1961, Charles became involved with several Southern institutions, and over the years loaned pieces from his personal collection to museum collections. The objects in his collection represent a wide range of historical periods and various aspects of life, including personal, everyday objects to those with religious significance – fine jade belt hooks, pendants, and snuff bottles, porcelain covered jars, bronze censers, and more.


The second grouping of the collection of Charles Blackmon comes to auction this August 18th, 2022 at 9:00 AM EST.