The Collection of Dr. Allen Grimes Offered July 14-16, 2022

Dr. Allen Grimes has been a collector of Southeast Asian and other Ethnographic objects for nearly 50 years. As a lifelong traveler, Dr. Grimes has amassed a large collection of fine textiles, carvings, masks, and other objects representing various cultures.  It is Dr. Grimes’ wish that these items inspire new collectors with their unique nature, complex meanings and uses.  Brunk Auctions is excited to present a selection of this collection to market in our July Premier & Emporium Auctions on July, 14-16, 2022.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Grimes was exposed to the world of collecting from an early age. His father had an extensive collection of Oriental rugs and other items. Grimes studied at Princeton University before attending Northwestern’s Medical School in Chicago, IL. He spent two years in the United States Navy and was stationed in Southeast Asia, where he grew an appreciation for the local cultures and artisans. Dr. Grimes returned to Lexington, and spent the next 50 years working as a General Surgeon and Medical Director.

Dr. Grimes took his first trip to Indonesia in 1967, a country he would frequent quite often. He lived and worked in Central Java, Indonesia, practicing medicine and training physicians. While there he became interested in the various local art forms, especially textiles, and began collecting them over the years. He initially started collecting textiles for their complexity and easy transportation as opposed to larger objects like statues and bronzes. Dr. Grimes was fascinated by the level of variety between examples from different cultures, and became interested in learning about the making processes, patterns, and uses for textiles. His interest in textiles led him to meet textile expert and curator Mary Hunt Kahlenberg and become familiar with her work. 

Dr. Grimes continued to travel and collect for many years alongside his wife, who was a travel agent.  His collection spans a large distance with items from Papua New Guinea and Africa. Dr. Grime’s favorite item from the upcoming auction is the Balinese Double Ikat Woven Geringsing Textile because of its origin and rarity.  Presently, Grimes has an interest in “making sure other people have a chance to learn about these objects and realize the importance of the objects to the people who made them”.

The collection of Dr. Allen Grimes comes to auction beginning this July 14th, 2022.