Estate of Charles G. Thalhimer, Richmond, Virginia


Lots 0234 – 0386

Charles Thalhimer, whose family founded the former Thalhimers Department Stores in 1842, has been custodian of a private art collection that is largely unknown outside of Virginia. Two generations of Thalhimer collectors traveled the country and world to build their collection. In Richmond, Virginia they enthusiastically opened their home to friends and philanthropic organizations, sharing the objects and ideas that they had acquired.

The epitome of 20th century collectors, they worked with the most reputable dealers of early American furniture and decorative arts. They sought out the very best of Fine Art and they knew the intrinsic value of superior objects – whether that was a painting, a tea table or a silver pitcher.

The items offered in this collection will provide a glimpse into the private rooms of this family, known for their broad community involvement and philanthropy at home.


The Estate of Sarah Temple Moore


Lots 0387 – 0438

Sarah Temple Moore’s love of art began with her interest in painting as a teenager on the Lookout Mountain, Tennessee property, where she was born, lived, and died at age ninety two. After studying art at her alma mater, Sweet Briar College, during the World War II years, she married family friend and returning Air Force combat pilot, Tom Moore, Jr. For the next twenty five years their focus was raising five sons. Sarah then returned to her interest in art as an entrepreneur in partnership with her husband and to her love of painting family and pastoral scenes.

In 1972 Sarah and Tom opened Mont Crest Art Gallery, one of the first galleries in Chattanooga to market original art by local, national and international artists. They later opened Gallery 210 one of the first businesses in the Bluff View area of the Hunter Museum of Art. Sarah also was appointed to the initial board of the Tennessee Arts Commission by Governor Winfield Dunn. This collection was amassed over forty years of representing and working with known and unknown artists.


Collection of Anne and Robert K. Zelle, Nashville, Tennessee and Gulf Stream, Florida


Jewelry: Lots 0142 – 0195 — General Collection: Lots 0694 – 1068

Robert K. Zelle was a dashing, Yale educated, World War II pilot from St. Louis, Missouri. Anne Zelle was a beautiful St. Louis debutante, who graduated from Fairfax Hall, Waynesboro, Virginia and attended Holton Arms School in Washington. It was love at first sight, and a brief courtship led to marriage. Their lives were filled with friends and travels. They shared interests in golf, skiing and collecting art and antiques. Much of their art and antique collection was acquired from their travels. Each piece in their collection triggered a story of places they travelled, artists they met or simply a memory too good not to share.
The Zelles were active in social and community affairs. They were devoted supporters of educational institutions and philanthropic causes and were committed volunteers. They were both avid animal lovers and supported animal rescue and related charities. Mrs. Zelle served on the advisory board for the Nashville Antique and Garden Show. Mr. Zelle served on the boards of Darlington School, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, The University School of Nashville and Alive Hospice. Mr. Zelle was a former president of Junior Achievement of Nashville and one of the founders of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.
For those of us who knew and loved the Zelles, we hope that these items will continue to be a part of a cherished collection and a new story.